Go Green

Every month we arrange various seminars and meetings. These meetings are organised in different parts of the city as well as the country so that more and more people can know about going green. The organisation focuses on bringing as many people as possible to these events so that the word can spread faster. Here is a list of some of the upcoming meetings that you can be a part of.

27th December 2018

Right before we walk into the new year there is a meeting that has been organised for all the volunteers. The focus of the meeting is to make people aware of the level of plastic pollution that is caused during Christmas and New Year.

15th January 2019

This meeting is being hosted in one of the biggest schools in the region. The aim of this meeting is to make kids aware of the negative effect of pollution and how it can be dangerous in the long run. Besides, we also talk about how they can reduce their carbon footprint by making certain lifestyle choices.

26th February 2019

This particular session is being hosted in the city town hall and is for the general public. In this particular session, we will talk about how planting more and more trees will help you reduce the pollution level of the planet. Besides, we even give members an idea of how they can go green without making much difference to their existing life.