Like mentioned earlier Chicago Green is an organisation that focuses on spreading awareness about global issues. We cover a broad range of perspective when it comes to these issues. The overall aim is to make people realise that their actions are causing the planet to become a dangerous place to live. Here is a brief list of all the topics that we spread awareness about in each of our meetings.

  • Pollution from Power station
  • some
  • water pollution


One of the biggest issues that have been spreading its roots all over the world is pollution. With modern day lifestyle, the degree of pollution is also increasing day by day. In our meeting, we give members an idea of the things that can be avoided in order to reduce the pollution level. Besides, we also focus on different types of pollutions like air, water, and land.

  •  Plantation
  • save earth
  • going green

Green Websites & Development

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  • recycling
  • garbage
  • garbage recycling

Waste disposal

The next thing that we focus on is the correct method of waste disposal so that our planet does not become a big dustbin. There is a certain way of maintaining waste material so that one can gain maximum out of it as well. This is something that can only be learnt in our sessions.