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Green Hero: Maude De Victor
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Maude De Victor
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Background on Maude De Victor, Dioxin,
and the Presidential Waiver

Maude De Victor spent 23 years of her life as a civil servant, including her work at Veterans Administration. When she found a pattern of illness among the vets, she reported it to CBS anchorman Bill Kurtis who made an exposé on Agent Orange (Dioxin). Maude's story was the basis of the NBC docudrama Unnatural Causes.  Despite this, (if not because of it), she was fired and banned from full time government work.

Monsanto, maker of Agent Orange, PCB's, (dioxin), aspartame, and genetically-engineered bovine growth hormones (rBGH), has just bought up all the major seed companies with Dow and DuPont and they are planning to genetically engineer all our crops, for their profit! We must demand that soy bean products be labeled as organic before the genetically- engineered soy bean crop is harvested this Fall. Warn soy bean brand names that without the organic label, their product will not be part of the whole food market. Don't panic, buy organic!

We ask you to help Maude, by signing a letter for a Presidential waiver— allowing her full employment in the government—and sending it to Bill Clinton. Copy from our site and e-mail or U.S. Mail.

Please tell the President to waive the "Code-2 termination" on Maude De Victor, whistle-blower of Agent Orange, active environmentalist, scholar, and let MOO and the Greens know that you sent the message.

Thank you, in advance, for sending a letter to the president on Maude's behalf.

Bob Rudner at (312) 939-2539, e-mail
MOO! Milk Outrage Organization, (312) 276-3776, e-mail

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Letter for Presidential Waiver for Maude De Victor

President William Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20500

(or e-mail:

Dear President Clinton,

Maude De Victor is a heroine to millions of people who are fighting the good fight for a world free of chemical toxins and for government accountability.  During the course of her 23 years experience as a government employee, she found a pattern of illnesses among Vietnam veterans contaminated by Agent Orange (dioxin).

Maude was fired in 1984 and banned from fulltime government work. We appeal to you, Mr. President, to lift this unfair ban on her employment. For almost 20 years the facts that were revealed in her research have stood the test of time and were the basis for legislation enacted by Congress.

You recently expanded health benefits to Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange (Reuter, May 28). People like Maude truly represent the best of American values and should not be punished, but be rewarded for revealing the truth. They should be employed in the service of our government and not excluded.





Green Letter to President Clinton with Petition

Dear President Clinton,

This letter is in regards to Maude De Victor, who resides at 9217 S. Michigan, Chicago, IL 60619. She is awaiting a Presidential Waiver for the Code 2 termination from her Civil Service work at the Veterans Administration in 1984. She is now working part time for the Chicago Housing Authority. It was her work revealing of cases of Agent Orange contamination among G.I.s who fought in Southeast Asia which lead to her unfair dismissal. Her supporters are from a diverse spectrum of causes—ranging from the environment to veterans rights. Enclosed are names of supporters collected during a Greenpeace/Chicago Greens Environmental Action Day Rally, July 25th in Grant Park, Chicago. It explains some of her history, which I can go into some greater detail.

I know that you have been paying attention to the Agent Orange situation. In the August 1996 American Legion Magazine, you were quoted to have said, "I think it's very important to recognize the high probability that the children of veterans are suffering for (their parents) service." Speaking to you as someone who, like you, has no military service record, I am one who admires courage in the face of overwhelming odds. I'm sure you can appreciate that, but for Maude, the overwhelming feeling is ongoing. You can stop this. Maude is an exceptional worker who is in great demand. She is only Missing In Action because she did what is now more common in government, she blew the whistle. This punishment is punishing the people who depend on her and it is unfair. Maude is someone you should get to know.

At Chicago Earthday 1990, when we had 100,000 people in Lincoln Park, and Mayor Daley was there with Lester Brown from the World Watch Institute. I was in charge of the speakers bureau, which had funds from a grant from John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur. Of course, with some of those resources, we flew Maude in from her job in California, and had Bill Kurtis, anchor from CBS/WBBM, as the MC for the Community Action section of the all day event. This was an historic occasion, since Bill and Maude were "reunited" for the first time since Bill did his 1978 exposé on Agent Orange—for which he earned a Peabody, three Emmies and a number of other awards. Maude was fired, blackballed and blacklisted. I remember helping her to move out of town in 1986. Even though she was Mayor Harold Washington's top person working on the Vietnam Veteran's Parade at the time, she was getting death threats.

Beyond the waiver, Maude deserves a medal for all she's done for people. I hope you could soon meet her. I'm sure you'd agree, Maude would be a good person to have working in your government. So, the sooner you sign the waiver, the better. Veterans, poor people and activists are counting on it.


Bob Rudner

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